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Pharmacy Services

Blister Packs

We offer blister packing for your convenience. Originally started for ease of dispensing medications at rest homes and to ensure compliance with medications, we've discovered many patients appreciate the ease of use blister packing provides. Please call with any questions you may have regarding blister packs.

Delivery Service

Always free as a service to Oroville, our free delivery service has earned rave reviews from customers for over 40 years. We provide delivery service to Oroville, Palermo, and Thermalito.


Compounding is the art and science of creating customized medications for patients, allowing pharmacists to customize medications to specific needs. There are many reasons why compounded medications may be right for you. First, some patients are finding themselves allergic to the dyes or preservatives in some medications. Second, sometimes the patient has a difficult time swallowing the bigger-sized pills or capsules. We can compound the same medication for a different delivery system, such as a lozenge or liquid suspension, or by reducing the size. We have been compounding medications for our customers since 1990. If you have any questions regarding compounding, please feel free to call us!

Pharmaceutical Counseling

We know it is often confusing when speaking with doctors and nurses about your medications, and how they interact with other medications you take. That's why we're here! Who better to talk to you about your medications and health-related concerns than someone trained specifically for this? Our pharmacists are available at any time to speak with you one on one, and answer any and all questions you have about your medications, and how they may interact with other medications you currently take.

Diabetic Shoe Fitting

People who have diabetes are more likely to develop foot problems. Seemingly simple issues, like small cuts or breaks in the skin, or ingrown nails, can lead to much larger and more serious difficulties. In order to help relieve some of the burden your feet bear daily, we are certified and accredited to fit specialty shoes, designed specifically for YOU, and are able to bill Medicare and most insurance plans. Please call, or stop by and speak with Ardee, with any questions you may have.

Diabetic Supplies

We are proud to provide comprehensive Diabetic support at Olive Pharmacy. We are accredited for your entire Medicare billing needs. From diabetic testing supplies like meters and strips, to diabetic food items and shoes, Olive Pharmacy is your one stop diabetic shop.

  • Diabetic Supplies – meters, strips, and lancets
  • Over The Counter Medicines for Diabetics
  • Diabetic Shoes
  • Diabetic Creams
  • Diabetic Support Presentations
  • Specialty Diabetic Foods and Candy